Open invitation to a new series of lectures about museums

Open invitation to a new series of lectures about museums

Starting on March 11th 2021, Dr. Laurie Kalb Cosmo will invite a number of inspiring speakers to talk about topical issues in museums. She cordially invites everyone interested to join her in these lectures where the speakers will discuss their work in museums and museum-related projects.

This series is intended to introduce the wider art community to current and important debates taking place in museums today, such as art restitution, indigeneity, art and memory in global contexts, gender and collecting, and decolonization. Especially during the Covid period when museum visits are restricted, the lecturers will bring museums to the classroom.

Through its lecturers, the series introduces the newest research group in Leiden: Museums, Collections, and Society (MCS). This research group is jointly coordinated by the faculties of Humanities and Archaeology and is chaired by Pieter ter Keurs. Other members of the group include Martin Berger, Evelien Campfens, Holly O'Farrell, and Laurie Kalb Cosmo.

Cosmo describes the interdisciplinary nature of the MCS research group as one of its distinguishing characteristics. Its members and researchers represent different specialties, such as cultural heritage law, archaeology as well as museum studies, and art history. MCS emphasizes not only the study of objects but people as well in order to pose questions such as whose culture is on display and who decides how objects are exhibited or discussed?

Not only will members of the Museums, Collections, and Society research group speak, but other leading museum practitioners will participate. Together, the series speakers will offer a broad geographical focus as far afield as Mexico and New Guinea and an in-depth look at projects closer to home, including exhibitions having to do with national symbols, active memory collecting, and art restitution in the Netherlands.

All lectures will be held in the online lecture hall of Leiden University. Talks will consist of a presentation by the speaker and a Q&A section. Registration is possible through this link.


  • 11-03-2021 10:00-12:00 Prof. Dr. Pieter ter Keurs: Art, Memory, and Identity in New Guinea
  • 16-03-2021 15:30-17:00 Dr. Martin Berger: Indigeneity and National Identity at the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology
  • 18-03-2021 10:00-12:00 Mr. Evelien Campfens: War, Cultural Objects, Looting, and Restitution
  • 06-04-2021 15:30-17:00 Annemarie de Wildt: The Golden Coach Exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum
  • 08-04-2021 10:00-12:00 Prof. Dr. Emile Schrijver: On Collecting Memory in the Jewish Cultural Quarter
  • 13-04-2021 15:30-17:00 Holly O’Farrell: Twentieth-Century Dutch Women Picturing the Middle East
  • 18-05-2021 15:30-17:00 Prof. Dr. Kitty Zijlmans: On the Formation of a National Collection for the Netherlands
"Art Institute Chicago II", 1990 From the Museum Series by Thomas Struth (b. 1954) chromogenic print, 180,0 x 215,0 cm


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