Let’s Talk Art!: The new podcast of the study association LKV

Let’s Talk Art!: The new podcast of the study association LKV

Not being able to attend classes in person not only influences studying but also the way students can connect with each other. Interaction is heavily missing in these times. In January, the art history student association LKV therefore started their own podcast called “Let’s Talk Art!”.

Smooth piano sounds in the background, discussions between friends, occasional laughs – the first episode of the podcast “Let’s Talk Art!” (which is actually the second one after the general introductional episode) titled “Art in Times of Distress” is everything else than distress. Listening to Dasha, board member and head of excursion of the LKV, Zazie and Unnur, both members of the association and AMS students, feels like hanging out with your friend group. Although the episodes provide theoretical background, Dasha, Zazie and Unnur manage to keep the discussion informal by offering their own opinion about and perception of the topics.

The topics of the podcasts so far are very diverse. As Dasha explains herself, together the contributors choose topics regarding their relevancy. While the episode about art in times of distress clearly covers a topical issue, in the second episode, the girls talk about the underrepresented artist Baya Mahieddine. They also want to include topics that have not been covered enough or are ignored in the art historical discourse, Dasha remarks. The two newest episodes examine the role of technology in the realms of art making and exhibiting.

For the next weeks, we can look forward to some topical and refreshing discussions that will certainly bring some change into your daily student routine as well as encourage you to think and take part in the conversation. The podcast aims to be interactive; you can either send an email to the podcast team with your perspective on the topics or take part in questionnaires about the podcast on Instagram. For one of the next episodes, they plan to actively integrate other students by interviewing them.

Thus, check out the latest episodes and keep your eyes open for new debates. All episodes are available on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

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